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About Us

Bringing together its knowledge and experience of 23 years with high-quality, DURUPARK manufactures playground for kids, sitting benches, trashcans, pergole-gazebp systems, fitness - sports equipment and other urban equipment. As DURUPARK family, our objective is to create livable places for kids where they can both have fun and learn while playing.

DURUPARK Playgrounds for Kids - Why should you prefer Urban Furniture?

Durupark has an experience of 23 years on manufacturing (production) of urban furniture, playgrounds and playground equipment. All of our employees are experienced and we have a professional team. With its strong design team, Durupark playgrounds for kids are modern and safe for the kids to play comfortably. Our professional assembly team will deliver you the best after-sales services. Our customers can trust and cooperate with us.

The reasons to prefer DURUPARK:

1- Commercial and manufacturing experience of more than 23 years on manufacturing plagrounds and urban furniture

2- A strong team, who will respond to any problem/request quickly within 24 hours.

3- The fastest manufacturing period of 7 to 15 days.

4- A team of architectures and engineers for drawing designs for free. 

5- Export, many successful projects abroad

6- Qualified assembly and after-sales service team to help or customers in both domestic and foreign market.

7- High-quality Playgrounds that Inspire the Imagination of Kids